Why Altop

Why Altop ?

Since all of you know the importance of visual communication in our day-to-day life. As the importance of visual communication increases there are new entrant with their products in the market. So any prospective buyer has following question in their minds.

1. Which surfaces are available in the market and which one is best to buy?

There are basically three surfaces available in Dry wipe application namely Ceramic, Enamel Coated and Laminated. The basic raw material for ceramic and Enamel coated sheet is steel sheet. This steel sheet is treated with chemical for rust free surface. The difference among two is in the process and surface coating.


Ceramic is derived from felts, par digged from Nature. This can be processed to refine and the same can be used to coat the steel sheet. This coating was done at 800 degree Celsius temperature (fusion of metal with ceramic) and passes through at various stages. So the surface become scratch proof and offer various advantages like scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance etc for detailed specification see our specification sheet. The surfaces are also non-pores and attract magnets. Newly p3 surface gives ultra smooth, lustrous and silky smooth writing experience. This surface gives 25 years warranty against normal wear & rear. Available surface is in white (matt) (gloss) and Green (chalk). This is a premium range. Some consumer find it costly but it gives you value for your money. Your one time investment would be for 25 Years. So the cost per year is negligible.

Enamel Coated:

Acrylic resin is used to coat the steel sheet. Roller does the coating so the coating is spread evenly. The resin coating gives it non-pores surface, attract agnets and smooth surface gives it advantage for one stroke cleaning. For details see our specification sheet. It is a middle range as the price & quality is concern. Available in white and Green (chalk) also with Graph (5 cms x 5 cms).

Laminated Sheet:

The basic Raw material is paper based laminate coated with melamine. So it gives glossy white surface. The glossy surface works same as glass board but at economy. Various carpenters can offer you same board but buyers beware before purchasing such kind of board. As they are purchasing the sheet locally which does not offer same surface as we are offering. We have developed such sheet from our past experience, which gives better surface. In addition to this if you purchase from standard company, which can offer after sales service.

Recently we have imported MDF based whiteboard from South Korea. This sheet gives clean smooth surface for writing and one stroke cleaning. It is available in Sony Frame now consumer can select the best surface as per their needs.

Pin up board:

The basic raw material is cloth for pin up surface; we normally use self healing woolen cloth or the other cloth if any specified by customer. The core material is soft board. We are using Malaysian soft board as all Indian soft board made out from waste of sugar cane pulp which release bad smell after some time. The board is backing with Gp sheet and framed with silver anodized aluminum. Every board is come with bracket at all four corners. The aluminum frame is extruded from first grade aluminum.

Acrylic door covered notice board:

Above pin board is covered with same aluminum profile with Mitsubishi clear acrylic sheet which never turned yellow after prolonged use. All acrylic door covered notice board comes with Lock and key.

2. Which company offers varieties of product with quality?

The customer has to find out the company, which offers range of boards. Altop offer wide range of board with different surface as mentioned above. In addition to the white/Chalk board we have felt board, acrylic cover notice board, combo board, Reversible boards, paging boards, planner board, hinged boards, Info panels, Neon Sign Board, Backlit Boards with all accessories with different types of stands.

We also offer two ranges in frame namely Glory & Sony. The all frames are anodized in silver. 3D series will be available in silver finish. All frames are aesthetically designed to match with office interiors.

3. Which company offers full accessories with after sales service?

Customers have to select the product from a company that offers after sales service. We have our distributors and dealers network all over India and it is increasing. So customer gets after sales service in addition to the replacement facility. Customer has to always ask for standard product to get their value of money. We are registered brand offering quality products and stood guarantee for our product. Offering best value for your money.