Why Altop

Why Altop ?

Altop has Advantage of its manufacturing base near mumbai. Altop has facility start from Designing of product to pro-to type testing, approval of final design to start manufacturing operation all in house. Its give edge over others.

Altop is manufacturing all smart class products start from Touch board, white/Chalk board, Projector wall / Ceiling mounts, Smart class computer cabinets, Smart Podium, Charging cart and all other AV accessories.

Altop is only Indian company manufacturing International quality Touch board using Optical Image sensors.

There are many Touch technology prevails in the market like Electromagnetic, Infrared & Optical for Projector based displays. Electromagnetic is loosing its presence as every one wants finger Touch. Infrared has evolved major as large market using Infrared overlay to make Touch board. Optical is latest technology using Combination of Infrared light and CMOS camera has edge over Traditional infrared Touch. Optical Touch is more fast, more precise and more intuitive touch. Apart from touch Optical sensors are very thin compared to Traditional IR sensors that makes maintenance easy and convenient.

  • Altop can offer Touch board in any size from 36 diagonal to 120 Diagonal in 4:3 / 16:10 Aspect ratio
  • Altop can offer white matt “No hot spot” surface or Ceramic matt surface as per customer choice.
  • Altop Touch board is using Foam core making it very light weight
  • Altop Touch board Aluminium Trim in various Powder coating Finish
  • Altop Touch board support Touch in windows , Linux, Android & Mac platform
  • Altop E mark whiteboard software for windows and new upgraded version with more gesture based function on windows & Linux. BYOD & other features will follow.

Altop is coming up with IFPD for education and Business.

  • Apart from Touch board, Altop has Traditional White/Chalk board in Ceramic/ Resin / Melamine surface.
  • Altop produce Projector Mounts for wall & Ceiling
  • Projector Cage, Lift and Projector cover
  • Smart Class range of cabinets from All in one to wall mount to Free standing to Movable
  • Altop Smart Podium for smart classroom
  • Altop Audio lectern for Public announcement system in classroom
  • Altop Charging carts is needs of Modern classroom
  • Projection screen for Classroom, meetings

Projection screen for Classroom, meetings

Its Make in india Project, support make in India products